Burrell Academy 

Burrell Academy is Erica's vision of what school should be. An individualized learning program with a long-term goal of providing social, academic, and behavioral services to disadvantaged children. What started as a summer program is quickly evolving to a year-round school. Learn more here

 Burrell Academy School | Summer Program

Children learn best through rhythm, building, exploring, and doing.  Burrell Academy takes a unique approach to learning. We learn through hands-on projects, dance, song, gardening, small group instruction and individualized plans. The curriculum is taught in a way that children understand and our individualized learning plans ensure that no child is ever left behind. 

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Burrell Academy | Services

Burrell Academy offers a variety of services for children including academic reading writing and math services as well as special education & behavioral services. All plans are individualized to meet the child's needs.

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