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Bring Erica to your school or company for an engaging and informative professional development. Now booking for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Anti-Racist Webinar 

This webinar will provide you with the following...

  • A chance to ask honest and hard questions in a safe environment

  • Some context and understanding to the current protests and riots

  • An understanding of White Privilege and its place in systemic racism

  • Tangible resources to continue your education and to help you better serve as allies.

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Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

This presentation will teach educators how to create a safe environment for their children from diverse backgrounds. We will...

  • Explore curriculum and easy ways to diversify their curriculum

  • Understand how children feel who are not represented and how to combat it

  • How to acknowledge privilege and bias within teaching and how to combat it

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Introduction to Black Lives Matter

In this workshop we will explore the history of the Black Lives Matter movement, it's relevance, and how other races can be allies and support the fight against systemic oppression and racism. Most importantly, this is a safe place for people to ask uncomfortable questions and learn about privilege. 

Teaching children w/ Special Needs

During this professional development, teachers will learn how to...

  • Create individualize intervention plans for children with special needs

  • Create an inclusive classroom setting for children with special needs

  • Implement effective and free reward programs for children with behavioral concerns

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