Financial Consulting

Erica grew up in poverty including being in foster care. Since she was young she has studied what the wealthy do to get and stay rich. This includes how to make money, how to keep it, and where to invest it. Erica knows a lot of this information is locked out of the communities she cares about and she teaches EXACTLY what it is she knows and has experienced. 

Discovery Session

Discovery sessions help determine what business is best for you given your:

· Talents

· Investment Amounts

·  Financial Goals 

·  Time commitments 


Discovery Sessions are an hour and a half. The first hour is spent brainstorming and creating a very real plan of action. Erica will discuss businesses you've tried, businesses that are recession-proof, and put together a plan that allows you to execute on your discovery.


The last 30 minutes she will type up a step by step plan of action and email it over for you to get started. If you do not know which business is best for you, you need a Discovery Session.  

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Strategy Session 

This is a viable option for people who already have an idea, plan or current business that is just not doing well. This strategy session may include:

· Key issues that are hindering your revenue

· The benefits and downside to the business idea you have

· The issues causing your current business to fail

· How to structure or restructure your business 

· How to become self-employed in the field you are already in

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How to become self employed 

If you are not interested in building a huge empire but would like to make more money becoming self-employed as an independent contractor is a viable option. Essentially instead of working through a company as their employee to offer your services, you would work directly with bigger companies as a contractor. Cutting out the middle man heavily increases your pay. Example careers you can be self-employed in:

  • Teaching (no longer working for the school district but with them as a partner

  • Janitorial Work

  • Nurses

  • Carpentry

During this session, Erica will walk you through the process of how to become self-employed as an independent contractor 

If Erica has done it and it has worked, she will teach you step by step.