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"As a Black Womxn, with dyslexia who aged out of foster care I seldom saw positive images of myself. As a result, I was in college getting my bachelor’s in sociology, before I started to understand my potential. That is way too late to learn what you are capable of. So, I became a teacher to shape young minds early.


After becoming a teacher, I often wondered why my students didn't share my same love of literature. Then I realized that they did not relate to the materials they were being taught to read with. I spent years searching for books that represented my students. Every year I was disappointed, so I stopped searching and started doing.


I have always been a story teller but I learned to illustrate so that I could start creating the books my students needed and deserved.


Now, less than 2 years after publishing my first book I have left the classroom to pursue creating books full time. I realize that while I love being a classroom educator my reach was limited. Each year, I would average 35 students in my class. I can now reach thousands of students through my work. The lessons and information that I pour into my books can be in any home, they can teach any child or adult, they can finally show all my former students and anyone like them that they are capable.


So, these books are my way of spreading love and joy to everyone who needs it, And we all need it."


-Mrs. Burrell

The Teacher Lady

From Special Education Teacher to
Author & Illustrator

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