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In a world where anyone with a platform can provide parenting advice it’s important to work with someone who has experience beyond their own children. I am a uniquely qualified parenting coach that understands every family’s needs are different. My approaches are customized to every family's situation and I offer a variety of solutions specifically tailored for your family’s success.


If you or your family need help, take a moment to read this page in its entirety. If you are interested in my guidance and services, I’d be happy to have a consultation.  My goal is to help those that truly believe in my philosophy and are willing to try new things to see new results. 

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Parenting is hard and everyone with a social media account is now an expert on how YOU should run your home and teach YOUR child. With all the conflicting advice it can feel overwhelming figuring out who to listen to and whom to work with so let me share my philosophy so that you can get a better feel of who I truly am.


My goal is to bring peace to your household, I believe you know your child better than anyone else in the world. My first step is always to listen to my family’s unique situation so that I can advise from a place of understanding and never from a place of judgment. I do not believe in one fits all parenting advice, instead I believe in finding the approach that will fit best given the families beliefs, needs, culture and limitations. I believe when you limit yourself to one “style” of parenting it stifles flexibility and makes it more challenging to maintain healthy practices long term. I believe in respectful parenting, an approach that gives you as the parent what they need while maintaining a loving yet authoritative relationship with your child.

What  Do I Believe? 

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That said – there are some absolutes and hard truths you should know before working with me.

1. I have never nor will ever condone physical abuse or discipline of any type . No exception. If you are a parent who currently whoops your child but has a desire to change we may still be a great match! Awareness is always the first step and as previously stated I am not here to judge you.


2. Emotional regulation is the foundation of every tactic I teach. If you are not ready to acknowledge your own feelings we are not the best fit.


3. Information is only powerful when applied. You can consult with me weekly (and many parents do) but if you get off of our zoom meeting and do not even attempt to apply the strategies we discussed you will not see results. I am here with you, I am your biggest cheerleader and I am an expert in my field. That said- I am honest, and have seen my practices work wonders. However if you are not applying what you've learned we may have to just reconvene when you’re ready.



Real Parent  Testimonial

“I recently adopted a 5-year-old African American girl and my entire family is white. I had no idea how to teach her about her culture and Erica has been a blessing. She is helping my family to feel unified without dismissing Carissa’s racial background. I am forever grateful for that.”

Sandra P. Chicago, IL

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Parent Coaching Can Address...

Behavioral Challenges 

  • Hitting

  • Biting

  • Constant yelling

  • Throwing things

  • Aggression

  • Emotional regulation


  • Peer to peer communication

  • Empathy

  • Social cues

  • Playing with peers


  • Fine & Gross motor skills

  • Age appropriate communication

Special Education Services

  • Reviewing and requesting edits for an IEP

  • Reviewing evaluation documentation

  • Creating an individualized Plan for in home

  • Attending your IEP meeting With Erica 

Parent Support Services

  • Meeting With Parents Who Disagree on Parenting Practices

  • Working with parents who have a newly adopted child (possibly from a different race)

  • Talking to your child about race and racism

& Much More!




Over a Decade of Experience...


Masters of Education - Elementary & Special Education

With Dual Teaching Certifications in Elementary & Special Education


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Program focus:

Combating social inequality and creating programs & environments that foster inclusion and diversity.


Certification- Infant Specialist


Certification-NAEYC Accreditation Specialist

Cpr & First Aid Certified 

Formal Education

Classroom teaching both neurotypical & students with special needs (grades pre-K through 8th)


Parent coaching and support

  • Individualized family plans with step by step solutions

  • Navigating special education and advocacy

  • Emotional regulation tactics for parents & More


Professional development trainings for school district

  • Cultural diversity and inclusion

  • Recognizing bias within teaching and combating set behaviors

  • Ending school and classroom bullying

  • Effective classroom management and behavior support


Curricula development and implementation trainings

Areas of Expertise:


  • Sleeping transitions & Co-sleeping Newborn- 7

  • Communicating with children who are non-verbal

  • Behavior support

    •  Tantrums

    •  Power struggles

    •   Defiant Behaviors

    • Hitting & Biting

  • Special Education Advocacy

    • Attend IEP meetings

    • Review documentation

    •   Finding a suitable program etc.

    •  Meeting a specialist to see if they are right for your family

Adoption & Foster care

  • Raising children from different ethnic backgrounds

  •   Deciding to adopt or foster

  •    Family Transitions

    • Marriage & Divorce

    •   Co-parenting


  •  Schedules

  •   Activities

  •   Nutrition

  •   Homeschool / personal life balance

·  & More!

All consultations come with a money back guarantee. If I am unable to support your family’s needs you will be refunded as soon as our call ends.

How it Works...

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